The Perfect Cupcake

So here it is, the long-awaited rainbow cupcake! Although, I'd call it more of a...well...tie dye cupcake. The colours didn't quite sit in their layers, but I like the makes them unique and they have a cool hippie kind of effect. I made these for my brothers birthday, and teamed with some lovely, fluffy cream cheese icing...they went down a treat. I mean, really, look how cute that little candle looks!

Until next time folks.


Andy González said...

Hi! wow! mmm delicious!
love it!!
of course I follow you, follow me back?


dearsafia said...

thank you :) of course! x

Carmen said...

These cupcakes look so scrumptious!! Thank you for your lovely comment, fellow Londoner!

Carmen Ri.

dearsafia said...

haha thank you! and you too :)

Stefania B. said...

wow! I´ve never seen something so cool! Here in Italy the don´t eat so much cupcakes, i love it ! I´m hungry now :)

dearsafia said...

oh no! you definitely need to start making them then :p thank you :) x

K.I.S.S. said...

Mm it looks amazing and delicious! Would be great if we follow each other.
Have a great day

Julie said...

It looks deliciiious ! I'm hungry now ahah ! Nice shoot too